About Us

Jensen Consult is an established IT-Management Consulting company, established to provide services, consulting and advice to Enterprise Clients in the Nordic Region – with the desire to facilitate growth and progress in utilization of their IT.

Jensen Consult have is headed by Dion Jensen – and together with our partners and providers we are able to take challenge and ownership of IT Related projects and implementations tasks, to secure delivery on time and to the agreed level of quality.

Feel free to contact us direct, ask for a “free consultative meeting” where we can discuss the opportunities that we can bring to your project, as well as potential assistance in regards to “closing the gap” between your normal IT-Provider and your Business Users.


Our focus have always been on establishing baselines between clients requirements, and the organizations offerings, making sure that all involved partners and clients, feel comfortable and satisfied with the services rendered.

Roles as both System Integration (AX, BizTalk and Web Services), as well as Project Manager in Outsourcing (Near and Offshore Development) have secured success in projects which are known to cross borders (both in technology and mindsets).

SAAS Enabled Security Services, both in regards to Implementation of Groupware And CRM Solutions, into delivery of Core Services (Hosted Mail Services, Spam and Web Filtering, as well as Cloud Based Application Services, are our advantage). 

We are “grown into the Internet, using it, living it – and breathing it” – so most of our offerings are with Products we use ourselves.


  • Saas Implementation Procedures (Security and Business Enablement)
  • Enablement and Implementation roles
  • Client Service Management (Technical Contact and Project Manager) in Enterprise Deployment og Saas Application Portfolio.
  • Project Management / Team Management
  • SCRUM and Agile Development / Project Management

Contact Information

Dion Jensen
mail: dion@jensen-consult.com
238 32 Malmö
Ph: +46 7387 15983

Development / Near-shore

Do your need extend the standard offerings from software providers; do you find your competitive edge using custom built software.??

Jensen Consulting have many years experience in Near-shore Development Projects – using a branch of partners in Eastern Europe; we focus on Ukraine – do to our track records with our skilled developers as well as our long lasting partnership with our teams there.

Why Outsource to Ukraine?

Ukraine has become one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe. With the second largest population after Russia, a legacy of Soviet science and success-hungry entrepreneurs, the country boasts the fastest-growing software development industry.

In spite of increases in developers’ salaries software development costs are still highly competitive and attractive for Western customers, and we truly believe in a fair and hopefully generous appreciation of the job performed by our teams, will benefit our customers to extend and exceed their objectives, using custom built software and solutions.

Our objective.

Our company would like to take the lead for your software development, both from a Communicative as well as project Management Lead – to secure that you as a customer do not have to acquire new skills and functions within your organisation – but rather focus on settings in quality and “fit for purpose” in solutions received from our teams.

We can offer several flexible work/relationship models, to secure your flexibility and not “contract lock in” and at the same time, you remain the owner of the solutions at hand, if you wish to do so. We also have extensive experience in “tweaks and modifications” to existing solutions, as well as Integration projects – do let us know your needs.